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Pellet Heater | Cube Design | Compact


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Discover the worlds most modern smokeless outdoor fireplace

Compact burner patented technology: a gravity fed wood pellet burner that results in a beautiful high flame without any smoke

The burn chamber can be filled with up to 3,5kg of wood pellets - resulting in up to 3 hours of Fire Phase (with another 3 hours of glowing phase)

The patented burner allows smokeless burning of wood pellets without any electricity. The construction of this high-tech burner is only achieved in Austria by being able to precision cut parts within millimeters of tolerance.

The construction of the Pelmondo fire cubes allows for controlled burning. This means that the radius and height of the flame are precisely defined and are always the same. This burning technique reduces the amount of sparks by 99%. The intelligent airflow lets the floor of the heater remain cool whilst heating only the sides of the heater.

Wood Pellets are not only natural, CO2 neutral, easy and safe to store but also the most cost efficient way to heat. With operating cost saving of up to 70% vs gas and ethanol wood pellets are the best way to create both Ambiance and heat

Dimensions (LxWxH)
440 x 440 x 720 mm
31 kg
Integrated Ashtray
UV and Weather resistant
ESG Safety Glass
Burner type
Compact wood pellet burner
Adjustable feet
Power output
4,5 kW
Fuel to be used
Wood Pellets - rated DIN Plus
Filling volume of pellets
3,5 Kg
Fire phase
150 – 180 min
Ember (Glow) phase
120 – 180 min
Total Ash produced
20 – 30 g
Country of Origin

With the Pelmondo Pellet Heaters you are acquiring a patented high-tech burner system that relies on quality wood pellets to provide maximum enjoyment. In order to guarantee optimal performance of your Pelmondo Pellet Heater we recommend burning only DIN Plus rated wood pellets. You can purchase DIN Plus rated wood pellets from us.

It is very easy to start your Pelmondo Peller Heater fire and your Pelmondo fire also requires no attention once it is lit as it will burn out safely and completely.

Step 1: Fill your Burner with Wood Pellets (DIN Plus rated only) – taking care not to fill above the height of the primary burner air-vents.

Step 2: Pour some Fire Lighter Gel on top of the Pellets and Light with a Lighter. That’s it: in about 10 minutes your fire should be burning to it’s full height.

See Video Below:

Yes – Pelmondo was designed to be used on Patios and near People. Due to the patented burner technology Pelmondo provides a smokeless fire and the sparks that can occur in fires are reduced by 99%.

Due to the very small amount of ash produced per burn (20 to 30g) the ashtray needs to be emptied only after 30 burn cycles

The burning phase is split into a fire phase (i.e. a high flame comes out of your Pelmondo burner) and an ember (glowing) phase. During the ember phase there will be no flame however the Pelmondo heater still provides a significant amount of heat.

Depending on your model and burner type (and assuming pellets are filled to max capacity) the Fire Phase and Glowing Phase times are indicated per model on the relevant product page.

No – due to the method of controlled burning that the Pelmondo burner employs the Pellets can only be refilled once your Fire has burned out completely

We understand that in certain situations (especially in the hospitality industry) you want the beauty of the high burning flame of the Pelmondo pellet heater to continue indefinitely.

In this case we can offer the following solution: by purchasing an exchange burner and burner trolley you can simply replace your burner that has entered the glowing phase with the exchange burner. You can (using a HEAT RESISTANT GLOVE please) pull the existing burner out of your Pelmondo heater gripping it by the handle and storing it in the burner trolley (where it will complete its glowing phase). Then insert your exchange burner (filled with pellets) into the Pelmondo burning chamber.