ParcHaus Warranty

ParcHaus Warranty

ParcHaus is committed to sourcing and delivering only products of the highest quality. We honour this commitment by offering industry leading Warranty conditions for our products. All of our products carry a minimum 1 year warranty period, whilst certain outdoor furniture items carry a 3 year warranty (3 year warranties are clearly indicated on the website product pages to which they apply). The conditions of the Warranty are explained below:

Do I need to register for the Warranty and when does it start?

You do not need to register for our Warranty to be effective – you only need to retain your ParcHaus proof of purchase (i.e. Invoice) for the warranty to be effective. The warranty period starts on the date of the Invoice.

My product is defective – what can I do?

ParcHaus will either repair the item, replace the item or give you a refund. Products may be returned to your nearest store, or we will arrange to collect the items from your home. We may also arrange for assessment to take place at your home in case of larger items.

In what cases will the ParcHaus Warranty not apply?

The Warranty relates to construction and material defects that are already present on delivery. Excluded from the Warranty are:

  • damage caused by improper use
  • accidental or deliberate damage to items
  • improper maintenance and care (please follow maintenance and care instructions carefully)
  • repairs to items by unauthorised third parties
  • incorrect assembly of items
  • normal wear and tear
  • the warranty only applies to regular domestic use