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Forever Tealight Candle - Inset

Farluce by Qult

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R 430.00
90mm height x 80mm
120mm height x 80mm
120mm height x 100mm
150mm height x 100mm
180mm height x 100mm
How Forever Tealight Candle Works 

The tealight insert creates the illusion of a real candle.

For indoor and outdoor use.

It looks like a real candle and feels like one, too. But it won't melt in the sun and won't turn yellow. It radiates with a realistic ambiance of a flickering flame, thanks to the tealight burning from within (tealights separately available). You no longer have to worry about melted wax on your table.

Candles of this size are expensive and yet they burn down all too quickly. But this one will last forever. Its shape is maintained and its flame remains visible.

Translucent body made of heat-resistant (up to 80°C) plastic.
Country of Origin
Handmade in Germany
Refer to size options above
Forever Candle comes with one Tealight included. Tealights can be purchased seperately. Tealights burn for approx. 8 hours.
Care Instructions
If Wax drips onto your Forever Candle holder - no problem! Simply place the Forever Candle holder in warm water and wipe off with a soft cloth