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Fire Bowl - Viking

for fire pit and outdoor use by CookKing

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80 cm
100 cm
80cm with Lid
80cm with Mesh
100 cm with Lid

Our range of stylish Firebowls is made only from high quality European steel. Each item is handmade with care and passion giving it unique and distinctive features.

Perfect for any outdoor space – be in your firepit or in your garden – these long lasting firebowls will allow you to sit back and relax while enjoying the crackling sound and nostalgic smell of a real wood fire

Our Firebowls also feature a range of essential Accessories – such as Grates, Lids and Mesh Screens. Please look at the options available above.

Why not enhance your Firebowl experience with a Tripod. Our Tripods allow grates or potjies to be attached to the steel chain and height adjusted with a reel. The ultimate outdoor cooking experience!

Diameter of Firebowl:
2.0mm black steel
Total height:
40 cm
Weight of product:
17 kg
Country of Origin:
Care instructions

Care Instructions

In order to keep your fire pit / fire bowl in good condition follow the below care instructions:

Keep your Firebowl Dry

Don’t leave your firebowl exposed to rain. Ideally, you should either place it under a covered area or use a cover to protect it from the rain. Without some type of protection, your firebowl will collect standing water. As with any Steel product – standing water in the bowl can lead to excessive rust and corrosion (please note that all firebowls are made to take on a natural rust finish ; this is part of the character of the bowl )

Burn only Dry Wood

When using your firebowl, you should avoid burning rubbish or pressure-treated wood. Instead, choose natural, locally sourced wood that’s dry and not wet. Burning rubbish or pressure-treated wood may release toxic fumes and chemicals, some of which may damage your firebowl over time.

Don’t use Lighter Fluid or Petrol

You should never use Petrol or lighter fluid to start your fire. Besides the risk of bodily harm that it poses, using these fluids may damage the finish on your firebowl.

Allow Fire to extinguish naturally

Unless there is an emergency situation and you need to get the fire out immediately, you should wait for the fire to extinguish naturally. Dousing a still-burning firebowl with water causes sudden temperature changes. When a thousand-degree fire is suddenly cooled, this can lead to weakening of your firebowls steel structure.

Remove Ashes

When you are finished using your firebowl, wait for the fire to extinguish and the ash to cool. Once it has cooled, you can dispose of the ash by scooping it out with a shovel and transferring it to a non-flammable metal container. Never attempt to remove ash that’s still hot.