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Agusto Outdoor Rug

available in different sizes

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R 2,230.00
160 x 230 cm
200 x 290 cm

What makes these affordable rugs so attractive is that they are very durable and hardly require any maintenance. All it takes is washing them down every once in a while with a garden hose. These rugs have that same gentle texture you appreciate so much in your home. Your feet will hardly know the difference

Suitable for Outdoor Use

Rug made of woven propylene with high UV resistance. Suitable for outdoor and patio use.

Durable and Comforable

Rugs have high UV resistance and are made of durable PP material whilst still maintaing a gentle texture similar to indoor rugs

Easy to Clean

These Rugs are completely water resistant - therefore they can be cleaned by simply hosing them down once in a while

Size Option 1: 160 x 230 cm
Size Option 2: 200 x 290 cm