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Passion Twin Outdoor Daybed

available in various colours and combinations

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R 49,400.00
Lava Aluminium with Carbon Cushions
White Aluminium with Mousegrey Cushions

Passion is an elegant and comfortable pool lounging set.

The shaped aluminum frame makes this set unique whilst high quality materials allow this set to remain outdoors all year round.

Numerous accessories such as ceramic table tops or designer armrests in cast aluminum allow you to fine tune this set to your liking. The Passion range is fully modular allowing any combination or set-up to be achieved.

All Weather Outdoor Patio FurnitureDouble Coat Aluminium FrameFast Dry Foam Cushionstextilene cushionsthree year warranty

This set consists of:

2 x Passion Lounge Chair

Width: 108 cm

Length: 90 cm

Height: 79 cm

2 x Passion Poof

Width: 90 cm

Length: 90 cm

Height: 31 cm

2 x Armrests

Width: 40 cm

Length: 25 cm

Height: 38 cm

2 x Deco Cushion

Width: 65 cm

Length: 45 cm

Colour Combinations:

Colour Combination 1:

Matt Lava Aluminium

Mousegrey Cushions

Colour Combination 2:

Matt Lava Aluminium

Carbon Cushions

Materials and Care


Only premium aluminium is used in this furniture with a thickness (approx. 2 mm) above average. The thicker aluminium ensures a more solid construction, which results in a longer life span. Furthermore, the aluminium is double coated, providing its unique colour extra protection against weather influences

Care and Cleaning

In order to keep your furniture attractive, it is advisable to occasionally treat the aluminium with a protector, so dirt doesn’t easily adhere to the material. The only maintenance required for aluminium furniture is to frequently clean it with a damp cloth. This keeps the aluminium attractive.

Heat, cold, UV-light, rain, ice, mud, food, fungi and mildew - your outdoor furniture is exposed to many elements. That’s why we at ParcHaus have a comprehensive series of cleaning and protection products for nearly every outdoor material. Get to know our high-end Cleaners & Protectors that deep-clean, protect with nano-technology, are environmentally friendly and easy to use. More information

Textilene Cushions with Fast Dry Foam

textilene cushionsFast Dry Foam Cushions

This outdoor furniture features Textilene cushion covers filled with Fast Dry Foam - these cushions can be left outdoors throughout the entire season. Textilene is a high quality synthetic product (high strength polyester with PVC compound) perfect for outdoor use due to it’s UV resistance, comfort and ease of cleaning. Fast Dry Foam has a very open cell structure that drains water quickly and provides circulation of air, drying the foam relatively quickly.

In practice this means that when it rains the Textilene cushion cover is designed to let water through into the inner cushion (the fast dry foam filling). By pressing down on the cushion or placing the cushions on their sides, the cushions will be dry in a relatively short period of time. For these cushions it is therefore important to note that the cushions are best left outside to dry completely – storing wet cushions in an environment with no air circulation (such as an airtight container) can cause the inner foam to become mouldy or soft.


To clean the inner fast dry foam - remove the cushion cover and clean the inner cushion using a mild detergent. You can clean the Textilene cushion cover with our Cleaner - this is a non-foaming cleaner for open-woven fabrics and wicker. The outer cover can also be cleaned at 30 degrees in the washing machine, with a small amount of laundry detergent. The advice is then to only wash one cover at a time.