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Nardo Outdoor Patio Lounge - Corner Set


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Nardo Patio Set is a bold combination of Solid Teak Wood with a sturdy aluminium frame that features our innovative backrests with Cushion fixation system.

The sofa set has a robust and uniquely designed aluminium frame and is fitted with extra thick cushions for ultra-comfortable seating. Sunproof® fabric water-repellent cushions result in excellent colour fastness and resistance to rain.

The aluminium backrests are fitted with our innovative cushion fixation. This system makes the nuisance of sliding cushions a thing of the past.

The set is combined with a matching Solid Teak Wood lounge table.

Double Coat Aluminium FrameCertified TeakFive Year Warranty



This set consists of:
1 x Nardo 5-seater corner sofa
1 x Nardo teak Lounge Table 140x80 cm
Corner Sofa Dimensions:
Length: 334 cm 
Width: 254 cm 
Sofa Height: 87 cm
Sofa Seat Height: 44 cm
Lounge Table
Length: 140 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height: 35 cm


Materials Used:

Matt Royal Grey Aluminium

Light Anthracite Mixed Weave Cushions

Solid Natural Teak Wood

Materials and Care


Only premium aluminium is used in this furniture with a thickness (approx. 2 mm) above average. The thicker aluminium ensures a more solid construction, which results in a longer life span. Furthermore, the aluminium is double coated, providing its unique colour extra protection against weather influences

Care and Cleaning

In order to keep your furniture attractive, it is advisable to occasionally treat the aluminium with a protector, so dirt doesn’t easily adhere to the material. The only maintenance required for aluminium furniture is to frequently clean it with a damp cloth. This keeps the aluminium attractive.

Heat, cold, UV-light, rain, ice, mud, food, fungi and mildew - your outdoor furniture is exposed to many elements. That’s why we at ParcHaus have a comprehensive series of cleaning and protection products for nearly every outdoor material. Get to know our high-end Cleaners & Protectors that deep-clean, protect with nano-technology, are environmentally friendly and easy to use. More information

Water repellant Cushions

Water repellent cushions include a water repellent coating that ensures that water runs off instead of being absorbed. As such, the water repellent cushions are ideal for use outside. It is important to realise that there is a difference between ‘water repellent’ and ‘water proof’. Although water repellent cushions can handle some moisture, they are not resistant against lasting exposure to water

Care and Cleaning

Water repellent cushions have a protective layer that prevents water from being absorbed. Treating the cushions will not be necessary. It is important, however, to cover or store the cushions when they are not in use. Lasting exposure to rain will result in the cushions absorbing moisture. Cushions are easy to clean using a soft brush or damp cloth. It is advisable to clean stains at an early stage. Do not use aggressive detergents or abrasives. They may damage the material. If you wish to wash the cushions, then first carefully read the washing instructions.

We recommend using our specifically designed range of protective covers if you intend to leave your furniture exposed to rain and do not wish to remove the cushions


We only use certified Teak from controlled plantations in Indonesia in our furniture. Teak is a tropical hardwood that is durable, has warm colours and is easy to treat. Due to its strong features and long lifespan, teak is again widely used in garden furniture, its main advantage is its durability and low maintenance.

Care and Cleaning

Teak has a natural, soft, golden brown colour. In order to retain this colour, teak should be treated with a ‘protector’ or ‘patinizer’. Often people choose to leave teak wood untreated. In that case, it will fade to silver grey in a natural way. The level of maintenance, therefore, depends on the desired colour. (Frequent) treatment, using a patinizer or protector is recommended to prevent teak from getting weathered. This coating will protect the furniture against weather. (Grease) stains on teak wood furniture can usually be removed easily using detergent and plenty of tepid/warm water. In case of weathered surfaces or stains which are more difficult to remove, a ‘cleaner’ may be the solution.