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Lagos Outdoor round side tables

Set of 3 tables (40 | 60 | 80 cm diameter)

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Set of three round side Tables combined in different sizes and heights.

Table tops are all made from Durable Stone. Durable Stone is a combination of plastic and cement which ensures a UV-resistant table with a long lifespan.

Table frames are made from strong and weather-resistant hardwood

All Weather Outdoor Patio Furniture Durabletop Hardwood



This set consists of:
1 x Lagos round side table - Small
1 x Lagos round side table - Medium
1 x Lagos round side table - Large



Lagos Table Small:
Diameter: 40 cm
Height: 32cm
Lagos Table Medium:
Diameter: 60 cm
Height: 42cm
Lagos Table Large:
Diameter: 80 cm
Height: 37cm
Materials and Care


We use Eucalyptus grandis as a hardwood in this furniture. Hardwood is durable and is easy to treat.

Care and Cleaning

In order to retain it's look the wood should be treated with a ‘protector’ or ‘patinizer’. Frequent treatment, using a patinizer or protector is recommended to prevent wood from getting weathered. This coating will protect the furniture against weather. Stains on wood furniture can usually be removed easily using detergent and plenty of tepid/warm water. In case of weathered surfaces or stains which are more difficult to remove, a ‘cleaner’ may be the solution.

Durable Top

We love products that are both beautiful and convenient. For that reason, we provide our glass and stone table surfaces with a durable top. This coating makes the surface scratch and weather resistant.

Although the durable top is scratch and weather resistant, it cannot resist high heat. Do not place any hot objects directly on any durable coated table surface

Care and Cleaning

Durable top tables can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and if necessary with a mild detergent. For more thorough cleaning a detergent or our Easy Cleaner can be used.