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Rotterdam High Planter Pot

33 x 33 x 71 cm by ECOPOTS

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Ecopots 10 Year Durability Lifespan

Extremely strong

Lifespan of more than 10 years



ECOPOTS made from Recycled Plastic

Composition of ECOPOTS is based on stonepowder and recycled plastic making them environmentally friendly

Industry leading Recycled plastic content of up to 80%


Extremely light-weight and easy to move

Easy to re-pot because they have no inner rim

Suitable for Indoor and outdoor use due to removable sealing plug in the bottom of pot


Hand-Scratched for a natural look

Surprisingly Strong and frost-resistant

ECOPOTS models are timeless and stylish

ECOPOTS are available in different classic colours


ECOPOTS is a new range of Belgian flowerpots and a child of its time. Whatever you need or expect from a contemporary flowerpot ECOPOTS has it.

Discover a combination of lightweight recycled material with a very natural look, timeless design, ease of use and a lifespan of over ten years.

And of course - as the name says: ECOPOTS are made from recycled materials.

ECOPOTS design strives to keep the focus on the beauty of pot and plant as much as possible. ECOPOTS develop quality working hanging & water systems without sacrificing the aesthetics.

Yes you can. There is a screw plug in the bottom of the Pot which can be removed with a simple twist.

ECOPOTS have a rubber plug in the bottom which can be opened and closed. If you are planning on using your flower pot for indoor use, we advise using a saucer with your flower pot as rubber plugs can leak if they are not fitted tightly.

Potting a plant has never been so easy! No nasty rims to scratch your hands or to make a mess out of this seemingly simple task.

However, before you start pouring the potting soil in, make sure you add a granulate or hydro drains in the bottom approx. 1/3 of the pot. If you are planning on using the pot outdoors, don’t forget to remove the plug first! When the granulate is in place pour in some potting soil, then place your plant inside and top up with more potting soil. Press down the potting soil firmly. Add water and some sweet words to the plant and you’re done.

Using the flower pot indoors? Don’t forget to use a saucer when your pot has a rubber plug in the bottom.

ECOPOTS are made from recycled plastics. Single use plastic is becoming a global problem polluting the world’s oceans. One way to deal with this is to find a good way of re-using those plastics, as we do with our pots (we use up to 80% of recycled plastics for our pots). But even more importantly we all have the responsibility to prevent plastics turning into waste all together. That’s why ECOPOTS are timeless in design and colours and have a life span of over 10 years. Because we believe the most durable products are those you don’t want to have to replace every year due to breakage or changing trends.

33 cm
33 cm
71 cm
Recycled plastic and stonepowder
Removable Plug
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